Success Stories


Bell’s Palsy

Bell's Palsy Case IngridThe picture you see here is a before and after Chiropractic care of a young girl that experienced acute Bell’s Palsy. Ingrid, a teenager, came to Miller Chiropractic after her face started dropping suddenly. She had been to the emergency room to rule out other possibilities that it could be like stroke, etc. In the photo top left is her full smile where she could not lift up the whole corner of her mouth to smile. This is with full muscle activation she could not smile all the way. Ingrid and her mother could not seem to figure out what was going on but knew they needed to do something about it soon because of the pain that started to set in as well. Ingrid starting seeing Dr. Miller a couple days later, and within two weeks of specific Chiropractic care the drooping was gone and she could smile fully without the whole side of her face drooping down. The photo on bottom left was halfway through care when her muscles of facial expression started to reactivate. And the photo on the right-hand side is her full smile after two weeks of care! Ingrid and her mother were very happy with their results and the especially since the pain had also gone away. Ingrid now has a healthy and happy facial expression with no residual symptoms.